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Real Estate NYC
Real Estate NYC

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Fred Lehrman, Esq. Customized Real Estate Legal Services

Fredric M. Lehrman, Esq. is experienced in counseling and representing clients in situations that require expertise in various fields of law from criminal to civil matters. Fredric Lehrman’s specialty of Real Estate legal services comprise six main practice areas: litigation, real-estate, landlord/tenant, condo/co-op, commercial law and collection law. Fredric’s expertise lay in his distinctive ability to provide legal advice and courtroom practice in a breadth of areas encompassing real estate law. 

In addition to being a (Professional Corporation) P.C., Mr. Lehrman is a partner in the firm of Lehrman, Lehrman, and Gutterman, LLP, in our 43rd year of practice. Since 1978, Fredric and his firm has maintained a practice at 199 Main Street, in White Plains, Westchester County's main business district since its inception. Both Fredric and his firm have been representing real estate owners, landlords, property owners of co-ops and condominiums, as well as all manner of regulations, agencies, laws, and any other rules affecting owners. We provide top quality personalized services in the practice of Real Estate litigation, court appearances and trials, and regulatory practice, and generally providing experienced, expert, timely, innovative, and cost-effective services.  Mr. Lehrman and his firm are amongst the most experienced and successful real estate attorneys in Westchester County for over 43 years (nearly half a decade). 

What Services do Real Estate Lawyers Provide?

Real estate lawyers help clients with legal issues related to residential and commercial real estate, tenants and neighbors, commercial leasing, and private property ownership. Lawyers assist with transfer of real estate property, including purchase and sale. They help clients to deal with the legal aspect of rental property and defend the rights of owners, landlords, renters, and tenants. Real estate lawyers specialize in land use, zoning, property development, and foreclosure.


  • Civil Statue of Limitations

  • Adverse Possession

  • Homestead Laws

  • Lease & Rental Agreement Law

  • Security Deposit & Deposit Return Laws

  • Tenant Rights Laws  

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